06 January 2006


mother is in the factory
she ain't got no shoes
with words of
night bluein'
the small medicine man
no cure
no pain
chicken ass blues
been out there
where thwey R all so strange as written paradoxes
U got not
thi answer...,
the picture of all this
is that i'm in the kitchen
portu gallia blues
folks insane
valium 5
lookin' 4 food
melatonin jump
......oh ain't it hard to tremble
and to fear
No Fear Men
they R all little croaches
U step them out
all iz a'gone
politics is zust like thiz
he said, my beautiful slavian man
(i ain't go say his name)
over 1, 2 , 3 , 4
he explains; I've been in the war...
what war?
war 'bout what?
nothin remains
a dream
a verbal spoken dream
wordish by Nelson F.

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