14 July 2006

In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni



dominoes said...

god - judge.
for both

Tomas said...

People are used to complain of loneliness and such mourning frequently looks as the word of wisdom that is ignored in the market but revives in the fairy tales and depicts the eternities, the one and only thing that matters ultimately.
Yet no one of us wants to confess that he long only to be heard by others but not to listen to his neighbor.
As we see, the possibility to stumble remains even if we hearty confess the truth mentioned the above. Have a look. In case I dare to state, “PEOPLE are used to …” it means I claim to be different from all other people. That is the same self-defeat and the indeed unnecessarily lengthy account of our stumbling on self-pity. The recovery is the desire to hear the answer to our polite “how are you”


nowhere but there