26 August 2006

Dead End

-dead end street, man.
Cool, rainy wet thinkin'
Bars and tertulia and gipsy women and red red wine
nostalgia (drunkard word)
-it's an old song of the kinks, ya know that?
-yep, -he mumbled, cigarett flashing.

Maybe Tangier
maybe nowhere
(the hot smell of hash and tea and the adventure of the words unspoken...)

Maybe in Stalag 7
maybe in a 2nd flat
over the other prisioners
free men, with progeniture
car down
cat inside
rats all over the condominium

-Dead end street, yeeeaah, dead end street...

Kinks music


dominoes said...


dead end street
cool rainy night
car down
cat inside
red wine
old song
warm glance and the flat of one's hand
the adventure of the words unspoken...
maybe in a 2nd flat
maybe nowhere

Tomas said...

That's an amazing. The dead end street is something that we all are striving to escape, yet it is faced by the most at more close examination. Plus recollection of the facing the dead end street looks even somehow lovely because it associates not with the present time, but with the deep past, with the times when I was much more young than I am currently.
We all are striving to retain the youth that inescapably transforms into the bold heads.
However, such reality though depicts the truth but explains anything. Currently I didn’t fear anything because I was forgiven by Jesus and thus I was empowered to continue in forgiving others. The fellowship with God changes absolutely all our past experiences and that is one and only key to unlock the dour of the dead end street and to receive the outcome.
I was forgiven on my dead end street and that’s why the memoirs of the hopeless situation look lovely now.


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