15 August 2006


you used to ...
no you don't seem so proud

YeAh, like a rubber tire on the beach
surf rolling stone

no secrets to conceal
a 1 zero
just shadow on the passage way
(Hello, they say)
How does it feel?
me used to ride safe
car, card, beer
theenyou night was part of that
by Xelas barrio, with smoke green of grass

rain blind mementos
of 1 day
you used 2 b so amused
but things (Donn know why) changed
no longer

it's just feeling
those feelings

of feeling

well, stole image
prose mine

1 comment:

Tomas said...

The newspapers report what bother us; depict our problems and call for justice. We didn’t complain but put on paper our longings. Therefore I am used to read about the love, success and the peace. It is no wonder that I love old-good romantic fairy tales where sacred dreams become the daily affairs. An amazing thing is that I meet the miracles when I hearty welcome the stranger. The miracles happens then, foreigners disappear and become the friends. Then the love for the motherland didn’t end at the boundaries of my country but expands over the whole sky and makes me the giant, who recognize oneself in the eyes of each one around...unfortunately, it usually happens in the hospital for the mentally ill, where only a few have heard something about existing of such thing as the profit of the business plans or the science of creating the convincing projects for achieving the goals. Problems start when our neighbors become our things, then we sense ourselves alone and therefore it is typical that while writing a review we dream about the exchange of reciprocal links. They reflect the state of our spiritual health. My Captains Bridge at http://captains-bridge.blogspot.com is not an exception, and thus I am eagerly looking forward to your response.


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