30 September 2006


Watch the video

is a mode of attack
(Sun Tsu)
you transform the other's images

International Situationiste
very very european
no, not amerrican
hot junk dogs
..just plain philosophy..
not plastic lies
told by idiots

we, me friends, are
in a carroussel of mirrors
dancing like prostits'
waitin for the john
bluffin here
bluffin there

we (you) need surveillance
all the "companies" ready to tell you lies
making your life a misery

Oh I Believe!
shouts the "believer"

I do not shout

I Warn

you heard me
beware the dogs

1 comment:

Tomas said...

you wrote:
I do not shout/I Warn

Warning is not criticism of other, but sharing the love. That comforts and guards us much better than any words.
I am sorry, for I didnt see that feature in your insights. Thus all words become what you try to deny. We are facing the typical shouting. Do you offer us to weep and to rejoice at our own tears?


nowhere but there