19 October 2006

The Functioning Core

Show me where globalization is thick with network connectivity,financial
transactions, liberal media flows, and collective security, and I will show you regions featuring stable governments, rising standards of living, and more deaths by suicide than murder.
These parts of the world I call the Functioning Core…
These words by a USA Thomas P. M. Barnett say it all.
We are trapped within..
Or we behave or...we do not belong to that functioning core.
Good words, technical, telegraphic,
straight to the point
like a shot in the night (with goggles on).
So, to be functioning, we have to be under the rule of this empire
be obedient
play the same tune.
But some thing in here is forgotten:
we will not eat MacDonalds all the time
and the Nike shoes are ready to fight
and Timex is clocking your time
we all know your lies
and your way of dealing
(good in the movies, not in real life)
With all that merchandising
you create more and more anger
We do not like you
you became a banality
you are second class commodity
bye bye

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