01 October 2006


In a fragmented world
where every step you make
is already computed
you can no longer be free
to Be
to Love
or even to Fight.

This little man
sees nothing,
supposing that knows a lot,
aims nothing
fights nothing.
He is just a well shaved servant
of others.

It's fun to see how very stupid and obnoxious he is.
(and probably, in a free psychoanalystic view, he is a repressed homossexual with some compulsive "discharges")

It is fun to see
how this western world is ruled

one of these days
hell will break loose

1 comment:

Tomas said...

I have red your post and, I am not joking, it seems that I looked at the mirror and received my own CV.
I too have supposed I know something....
However, what is the conclusion?
I hearty enjoy the beauty of the autumn colors and I sense how the powerful spiritual realms inhabit me and comfort and lead
That isn’t a fun, but I am the disabled indeed.
In any case, you are the poet and know how to write


nowhere but there