09 October 2006

Nukers Attack Again...

the slower now
will later be fast

Nuke times, again.
Here, there, everywhere -Tanatos.

We are loosing too much time in politics of talk talk.
We are afraid to touch the inner point;
-is this nowadays Life, the Life we really want, or need?-
2006, dog's year, is being a charade,
West is loosing control -kapitalism- is a rotten apple
East is learning fast
and soon
this small planet
will vomit burning melted ice
over carpets of lava and water.

We, the local living beings, are too blind to see
we do not move
We, also, are rotten repetitive thinkers
with no poem
to sing.

We eat our flesh
we drink our blood.

What can we say to our children?

michael sowa painting

1 comment:

dominoes said...

Maybe we can give them our poems without the rotten blood. Are you able?


nowhere but there