19 October 2006


Private property of the means of production today, in the era of the hegemony of cooperative and immaterial labor, is only a putrid and tyrannical obsolescence.
posse comitatus?
What are seeing in the world today?
Visible aggressive intrusion
Fabrication of New Order international Law
Advance of savage Empire Capitalism
Basic Political Lies
Social Uncertainty
Generalised Repulsion
Time for small wars is ending. It is not enough. Capital will need more dominion and exclusion.
It is now growing the need for a huge clash. Everybody wants to dance. Everybody wants to survive.
Capitalism is starting to be in a metastable dinamics.
Once in war, war is sold everywhere. Maybe the ultimate commodity.
When that happens we will see "values", "ideas" and "total" weapons being everywhere -a pandemic mundialisation of aggressive primeval behaviour-.
Humanity will degrade.
It will be the end of (western) politics...
Time to drink that Coke

excerpt of Empire
by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

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