07 October 2006


Somehow we are living a simulation.
Things are unreal, or its fundamental reality
is the absence of human will
because almost every real reality
is negated
and lately
given back in small quanta
of crystalised desire.

This is what capitalism,
in this ultimate revelation,
does to human life.

In fact, we are now worse than before.
What we grab out of life is our shadows
and infinite noisy silence.
Sooner, words will mean little, our talkative words.
We are already speaking logotypes
and trademark images.

We have to live by fragments
by nothings so opaque
that seem real,
that makes us feel barely alive.
But it's not real life, it is already a game.
And, in this, not ours, game,
we win when we are loosing.
The more you win
the more it's a lost game.
What you receive is not the totality,
that you already gave,
what you receive is just a tiny bit of you...

And that is why the world is in a stage of suicidal attempts.
They are irrelevant, are just lost games.

But, is there a winner?
This is the way the world ends...
Only loosers.

those 4 creatures in the altered image
are the big loosers, from my point of view


Anonymous said...

This is scaring the kids. AHHHHHHHHGGGGHHHHH. Get a life bozo!

Tomas said...

Dear Vulkan,
You are absolutely right by saying, “There is no such thing as an innocent bystander…”
Your vision of today’s events is indeed convincing. However, the last words of the “Winners?” confuse. What about you yourself? Are you the looser too? What concretely you offer us?
We know that destructions are going to be awful, and the hell will be even more terrible place than the bloodiest spot of today, but we know that Paradise is waiting us too. What’s yours choice?

dominoes said...

You say we are living a simulation and things are unreal. What have you experienced?! By what right you say that we are losers ? Last week I have survived the car accident. Big boom! and space of silence… Is my game over? Am I a looser? Maybe in your simulation… (Always you can cancel everything we said) You know what? The more I win the more it isn’t a lost game. And you – what could you win? What could you lose dear Vulkan?


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