26 December 2011

Quantum Stillness

We are all being suck by a giant hole of void

our ideas
our idea of the ideas
our animal struggle
our awareness
the Being

We are standing now at the Horizon
Over There is only Dark Uncertainty
What to Do?

Some talk of Specters
they will rampantly arrive
angels of the Future Past

Others say that the Same will recreate a New Same
Just wait and do what the herd do

Try to See Behind
Wash your hands of vanity
Think More
See the molecular sound of Matter
Hear the Light where Fire burns
Let Love flow naturally
Think More

Have no Strategy 
Wait for Silence

Do Not Think 
Do Not Do

Stay Still


1 comment:

Kaos said...

Sei que os tempos não estão para grandes optimismos mas o futuro pode estar nas nossas mãos se soubermos exercer os poucos direitos que ainda nos restam. Aqui deixo o meu desejo de um 2012 tão bom quanto o possível.


nowhere but there